Monday, 14 December 2015

the christmas spirit

I remember the lead up to Christmas, the final week of term, comprising endless movies, chocolates, and fun activities in primary school. In some years of secondary school this was also the case. I remember the overwhelming levels of excitement flooding me and every one of my classmates. It’s a little bit depressing to reminisce on my childish excitement while sat in the library trying to cram my brain with history notes for my mock this week.
Yes, I’m procrastinating again by writing this blog post.
It’s the final week of term; we’re nearly there. Nearly free. I’ve been trying to get into the Christmas spirit for a while now, but failing abysmally. I gave my dog an early Christmas present (a penguin dressed as Santa) to get in the Christmas spirit, but even that failed. It was a short lived excitement watching him run wild with a penguin in his mouth. I’ve decided that he’ll be the hardest to leave when I go to university. I haven’t been more than two weeks without seeing him for seven years.
I want to feel Christmassy—I really, really do. It feels wrong not to. My college have students dressed as elves, singing Christmas songs a floor below me which is slightly annoying when I’m trying to study but at the same time I wish I felt that level of excitement. With mocks this week, coursework deadlines, and an interview on Wednesday that excitement feels impossible to achieve. Soon. Just a few days to go!
Once this final university has made its decision on whether to give me an offer or not, then I’ll have all decisions in! I’m excited to finally move onto the next stage and pick my firm and insurance choices so I can start looking at accommodation and falling in love with my (hopeful) new home.  
Anyway, I should go to class.

Happy holidays, everyone! 

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